It Wasn’t A Tornado

June 30th, 2012 at 9:16 pm by under Weather

The weather event that unfolded across our area on Friday was very significant, producing widespread damage, but it wasn’t a tornado.

What we saw was a straight line wind event.  When it moved across our area, it was a bow echo and by the time it got to central Ohio it morphed into a “derecho.”   What is a derecho you ask?   The local National Weather Service of Northeastern Indiana has a great web article about this event here.  If you click on the storm reports here, you will see that there were only two confirmed tornadoes, not in our area, but over 600 wind reports.

The reason people think it was a tornado that hit there neighborhood is that they can’t believe that straight line wind damage could take down a 5 foot diameter tree, flatten a foundry or even an old school house.  But they can and they did.   This is why it is so important to take shelter when a thunderstorm warning are issued.   Severe thunderstorm winds can reach up to 100 mph, take down buildings and look like damage produced by small to moderate tornadoes.

To everyone who lost a tree in their yard, have been without power, or had significant damage to their property, I am sorry for your loss.

2 Responses to “It Wasn’t A Tornado”

  1. Rascal says:

    Kind of a crass response to your viewers who pay you to be on the air. I find it offensive that your insinuation that everyone but you is dumb. No matter what happened this week, destruction happened.

    1. Jonathan Conder says:

      Thanks for the comment to the weather blog.

      I am sorry that is how you perceived the tone of my latest post to the weather blog. Sometimes tone can be miss interpreted in blogs posts, but if this is how you feel, maybe other WANE viewers think my post was also crass. The blog post has been updated to remove any such undertones.

      I have lived through several natural disasters with viewers, loosing personal property myself. If anything, I do relate to the viewer and I am always saddened by the loss of property and sometimes loss of life due to mother nature.

      Thanks for your feedback.


      Jonathan Conder