No change in drought condition

September 27th, 2012 at 7:01 pm by under Weather

Good news:  Our drought level in the last week did not worsen, it stayed the same.  This is really good news considering the precipitation outlook for this October is for us to have a higher chance of below average rainfall.  When it comes to the drought outlook for the rest of the year, we are expected to see some improvement to the drought over our area.

Since we are on the topic of climate outlooks, here are some quick links to the Climate Prediction Center, the division of NOAA that specializes in long rain forecasting:

6-10 Day Precipitation Outlook

6-10 Day Temperature Outlook

8-14 Day Precipitation Outlook

8-14 Day Temperature Outlook

One Response to “No change in drought condition”

  1. Ruth Glass says:

    Would you go over the drought situation on the 11 news cast? I would like to know how much we are still lacking. We watch the 11 news every night. Thanks