Philadelphia/Mount Holly NWS Plea to Public

October 28th, 2012 at 3:51 pm by under Weather

Some may hear the term “Frankenstorm” and think that Sandy is not a serious storm.  That is FAR from true.  While Sandy won’t technically be a hurricane when it hits the Northeast, it will actually be much stronger.  It will turn into what is called a Nor’easter.  This is similar to a hurricane in that it has very low central pressure and very strong winds, but it does not have the warmth associated with a hurricane and they typically produce very heavy snow.  In some aspects Sandy will be stronger than the hurricane it is now!

The hardest hit areas look to be near New Jersey and Delaware.  Here is what they are expecting.

Hardest Hit Areas

The National Weather Service in Philadelphia/ Mount Holly has a great power point presentation on what they are expecting with the storm.  The most interesting part is this page of the presentation.

Philadelphia/Mount Holly NWS Plea

This should tell you how serious the situation is along the east coast.  Here is a link to the full presentation.

2 Responses to “Philadelphia/Mount Holly NWS Plea to Public”

  1. Jill says:

    Wow!!! This is not looking good at all. Prayers for everyone in the path of Sandy!!!!

  2. Marlene B. says:

    If I were you I’d leave long before evacuations are started. Just the thought of this storm to me is serious stuff!! Your home and anything in it is replaceable, but you as a person are not!!! Take this warning seriously people and get out while you can.