Peak Winds and Halloween

October 30th, 2012 at 9:36 pm by under Weather

Peak Winds Gusts on Tuesday

When it comes to the winds from Sandy, we got off easy.  The highest wind gust in our area, wasn’t even in the WANE viewing area, but in South Bend at 53 mph.  FWA saw a wind gust of 46 mph and we had no reports of any wind damage, but there was sporadic power outages across Allen County.

Now, if you were on Long Island, this is a completely different story, where they saw wind gusts ranging from 80 to 94 mph.

Speaking of Sandy, want to see an satellite animation of Sandy from start to finish?  Just click here.

We are pretty much done with the strong winds here for the next few days, but look for a northwest wind on Wednesday at 15-20 mph with gusts approaching 25 mph.

Fort Wayne Trick or Treat Forecast

If you are going out trick or treating on Wednesday, look for a cloudy sky, temperatures to start in the lower 40s and end in the upper 30s.  It will still be breezy and there is a 30% of light showers, or more like drizzle Wednesday Night.

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  1. Brian Almanza says:

    It appears to be localized as the union has come out and said that they are not doing this and other non-unions workers are reporting that they have not been spotted from helping. The crews that were turned away should report whomever is trying to force them to join so this can come to light.