Cold Weekend, Another Nor’easter and Motor Cycle Weather?

November 2nd, 2012 at 10:47 pm by under Weather

Our weekend weather is looking cold and boring here, so I won’t blog about our steady state weekend weather.  Instead, I will share an interesting link from University of Wisconsin-Madison, plotting Sandy-related power outages from CIMSS.  Just click here.

Another Nor’easter is brewing for next week along the East Coast.  Here are my thoughts:

  • This storm will be a fraction of Sandy with only 1-2″ of rain, no storm surge, but winds up to 40 mph are possible.

The second image above shows the European position of the low with precipitation and the third image above shows the wind forecast.

If you are patient, you will enjoy a big warm up for next weekend.  The last image above is the of the European forecast model, plotting the temperatures a few thousand feet above the ground.  All you need to take from this image is the bright blob in the southwest.  I won’t get this specific this far out, but I am thinking next weekend is warm enough you can take the Honda or Harley out for drive without having to wear a snow suit.

What to look at those same forecast maps?  Check out the weatherunderground WunderMap here.

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