Election Day, Past, Present and Future

November 5th, 2012 at 5:25 pm by under Weather

Allen County Election Day Forecast

When I arrived to the station today, I really wasn’t sure what weather topic I was going to tackle:  Climate change, jet contrails, do the rivers of the Summit City repel tornadoes?

Nope, none of the above.  Instead, I decided I would have fun with presidential election day weather statistics.  But, here is the deal.  Daily weather data for Fort Wayne, is not the easiest to come by, so I only when back to the last 5 presidential elections days and the weather for Fort Wayne.

  • 1992:  Low 39° High 62° Dry
  • 1996:  Low: 41° High 56° Dry
  • 2000: Low 48° High 66° .17″ Rain
  • 2004: Low 45° High 62° .19″ Rain
  • 2008:  Low 45° High 72° Dry

So, if you look at the last 5 presidential elections in Fort Wayne, the average low temperature was 44° and the average high temperature was 64°.  Compare that to the first week of November based on the 30 year average and  our average low is 37° and the average high is 56°.  So, the last 5 presidential elections have been warm and it rained 40% of the time.

What will Tuesday bring us?  Talk about a potpourri of weather!  We will start out clear and cold with lows in the mid 20s when the polls open.  By 6PM, when the polls close, look for temperatures in mid 40s under a cloud sky.  If you wait to vote until last minute, there is only 20% you would run into very light rain.

So, do you know where your polling station is?  Check out this interactive map from Allen County.


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