Tracking The Nor’ Easter

November 6th, 2012 at 7:21 am by under Weather

A Powerful Nor’ Easter will move along the east coast

Since we don’t get to spend a lot of time on this feature during our main weather casts I thought I would update you on the latest Nor’ Easter track. Here is what it looks like for the rest of the week with this powerful storm coming on shore in Virginia and tracking up the New York coast line. It then moves out to sea by Friday.

How will this effect our weather? Well, it will hold the cold air in place tomorrow but as it moves out to sea the colder air will be allowed to move east and for us anyway much warmer air will take its place.

What about the Forecast Models ?

Last week when we were blogging about this storm I stated that what bothered me was there was no consistency with the models on what track this storm would take. Well, we’ve got that consistency today. Both the GFS and European solutions have a very similar track.

GFS forecast for Wednesday evening and early Thursday

This is the GFS solution for late Wednesday night. you can see two things here.

1. The cold air is locked in place across the Great Lakes region

2. We are seeing the storm move onto shore along the New York Coastal region.

This is a big storm but certainly not to the magnitude of Sandy so really keeping the cold air around for another couple of days is all we will really expect to happen here. However, the winds and flooding could be catastrophic for coastal regions through Friday morning.

GFS model for Friday morning as this storm moves out to sea

As this storm moves out to sea on Friday it could still effect the coastal areas of Massachusetts including the city of Boston with high winds and heavy rain or snow showers. The other problem of course will be winds. None of this is good for the areas which are trying to clean up from the last storm and will only delay those efforts.


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