Big Nor’ Easter Strenghtens As It Heads Up Coast Line

November 7th, 2012 at 9:39 am by under Weather

High Resolution WRF Model shows the wind field for a strong east coast storm. This snap shot shows the wind field along the New Jersey coast line

Powerful Storm To Strike The East Coast

Even though this storm will be nothing like ‘Sandy’ a powerful storm will strike from the New Jersey coast line to Cape Cod causing a mixture of rain and snow. Here is what the storm looks line within the next 24 hours. Winds are forecast to be from 35 to 40 mph on this map. This could cause additional damage to the coast line communities already trying to recover from last weeks storm.

High Resolution WRF depiction of precipitation from this east coast storm

According to this snap shot taken from the same time period as the above model graphic we will see heavy rainfall in some areas right along the New Jersey coast line, 5 to maybe 10 inches are possible.

WRF high resolution model for 36 hours showing precipitation

This snap shot shows what happens in 36 hours which puts the storm on land  7AM Tuesday. The system does fall apart but still has significant rainfall across the coastal and inner coastal areas.


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