Warm Weekend, Backwards Monday

November 9th, 2012 at 10:18 pm by under Weather

How about that thunderstorm activity Friday night?  Those t-storms formed on the nose of the warm air moving into the area, they formed right on the “warm front.”  This is going to set us up for a very dry, but windy weekend.  Even though the high on Saturday will tie the record high, winds will gust up to 30 mph and even up to 35 mph on Sunday.

I really encourage everyone to get out and enjoy this mini heat wave as it really could be the last time we hit 70° this year.

Overall, the weather is pretty cut and dry this weekend, but Monday is a completely different story as a potent upper level low slams us with a wave of cold air.  That leading wave of cold air, “the cold front” will trigger a line of rain and even a few thunderstorms on Monday morning.  Behind the rain, look for temperatures to fall all day long.  That’s right, the morning will be warmer than the afternoon, so backwards compared to an average day.  Actually, the highest temperature will be at 1AM, likely near the lower 60s, but who is up at that time anyway?

The one factor to watch on Monday is whether the cold air can line up with the area of precipitation.  If they can, it is mostly certainly cold enough to see snow Monday evening.  At this point, I think they will miss each other by only a few hours and we see only rain.

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