Weekend Warm Up Brings Gusty Winds

November 9th, 2012 at 8:06 am by under Weather

Here is the set up for a warm/windy weekend

The warmth is also going to bring some wind on Saturday and Sunday. I wanted to show you why. Normally when we talk about a big warm up this time of year it has more to do with the winds than the sun. The sun is at a lower angle which means we get less quality sunlight and we loose minutes of daylight each day. So, when we get a large scale system like this one across the Rockies we usually see gusty winds get pushed along the mountains then move into the plains. There is also a great pressure change with these systems which is also a factor in creating winds.

Here is the jet stream pattern, which is creating extreme warm temperatures in the east and very cold temperatures in the west

This system will cause major changes across the west with places in the northern Rockies seeing a 40 degree temperature drop in a 24 hour time period! One the other side effect of the jet stream is that  it is pushed north in the east and temperatures will be about 30 degrees warmer than earlier this week. Areas that saw snow for the last few days along the east coast will be in the 60s over the latter part of the weekend.

This western weather system will create massive changes for our weather pattern next week as highs will drop on Monday from the 50s into the 30s by late day. We will see temperatures in the 40s for the of the week next week.

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