Windy day signals significant change

November 11th, 2012 at 11:03 am by under Weather

As our Sunday continues, you’ll notice the winds really pick up outside.  This is happening because a strong cold front is approaching from the west today.  As a result, we become windy and warm out ahead of that front and then, once it passes, colder air will flow in.

The front won’t come through until late tonight, so look for our warm southwesterly winds to continue through midnight and into the early hours of Monday. Sustained winds will be up to 30 mph and some places, especially west of Fort Wayne, could experience gusts to 45 mph.

Our winds will become northwesterly once the front passes and significantly colder air will begin to flow in.  As a result, temperatures will drop not only through the early morning, but also during the second half of the day.

This incoming system will also bring rain by early morning.  The colder air coming along with the rain will change the raindrops into snowflakes by midday tomorrow.  As the snow falls on Monday, the ground will be too warm for it to stick to the pavement, so little accumulation is expected.

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