Nexrad is getting an upgrade

November 13th, 2012 at 9:32 pm by under Weather

NWS Doppler Radar, Courtesy NWS and the Severe Storms Lab

Even though our weather is very quiet right now, I am getting really excited for this upcoming winter.  Not for snow, but that the National Weather Service in North Webster is going to upgrade their 88D Nexrad Radar.   Technically, the radar is receive an upgrade to dual pole, but what does this mean to you?

From day to day live, not much.   The basic radar image you seen on the web, on your wireless app and on WANE TV, will look the same.  But when it comes to tracking severe storms, the radar will have a much better picture of what is really going on inside the storm.

The benefits of s dual pole radar include:

  • Better estimation of total precipitation amounts
  • Better estimation of the size distribution of hydrometeors (raindrops, snowflakes, hailstones, drizzle)
  • Much improved ability to identify areas of extremely heavy rainfall that are closely linked with flash floods
  • Improved detection and mitigation of non-weather related radar echoes (chaff, smoke plumes, ground clutter)
  • Easier identification of the melting layer (helpful for identifying snow levels in higher terrain)
  • Improved ability to classify precipitation type

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