Exciting Next Week In Weather

November 15th, 2012 at 12:02 pm by under Weather

Should Warm Up Through Thanksgiving Holiday

Four jet streams will become active over the next week

If you look at the upper air pattern right now one thing may jump out at you. (Well maybe not, just me I guess). There are four distinct jet streams which separating air masses. Jet Stream number one is where the cold arctic air is bottled up to the north all the way to Greenland. The second jet stream is really keeping the cold air bottled up and not allowing it into the boundaries of the U.S. The third and fourth jet stream are bringing in a mild flow and the warmer air which will finally make it’s appearance this weekend and next week.

Then it’s COLD TURKEY !

It will be cold after Thanksgiving

The warm up ends after Thanks giving as temperatures will begin to fall Friday and into the weekend. The colder arctic air will be released after the weekend and we will see temperatures which will be well below normal again.

Atlantic Sea Board See’s Another Storm

The next Atlantic storm which appears by Monday

Then there’s the mess on the east coast next week. By Monday another strong weather system will make its presence known and blast the entire coast line with large waves, gusty winds and heavy rain. Snow is also possible by late week. This storm will not really effect our region, but it could effect your travel plants for next week.



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