Next Week Not A Turkey Of A Forecast

November 16th, 2012 at 11:20 am by under Weather

Storms hit the edges

The forecast looks fairly mild across much of the nation over the next week with the main storm track pushed farther north. There will be a warmer zonal or west to east flow through much of the Great Lakes region. This flow will promote much milder pacific air to be prevalent through the area. Storms will slam both coasts with a significant amount of energy moving out of the Gulf of Alaska. This will promote a stormy forecast for the northwestern U.S.

As we detailed yesterday in my blog. There will be another Atlantic storm system which will affect the entire eastern sea board with gusty winds of 40 plus mph and large waves up to 20 feet. Late next week we could see some heavier snowfall across the extreme northeastern U.S,


New Winter Outlook

New winter 3 month outlook for temperatures

We are still in the same situation for this winter with what is termed an ENSO neutral year. That means that the southern Oscillation (El Nino and La Nina) will not be a factor in our winter, controlling the jet stream which in turn changes weather patterns across the world. Our region still is in the neutral region of the outlook which means there are no fore gone conclusions being made for the winter months to be above or below normal. Now that doesn’t mean that we won’t some warmer or colder than normal days but as far as a pattern over the next three months this model does not really see any measurable differences. At least enough to establish a trend for the winter.

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