Portugal Tornado

November 16th, 2012 at 10:49 pm by under Weather

Check out this YouTube clip today from a tornado in Portugal.

This photographer was pretty fearless, but I don’t think I would ride out a tornado of that size.  If you notice, the tornado was rain wrapped and hard to see.  In the chaser community, we would call this the “bears cage” with the wrapping curtains of rain.

The Tornado Titans has a blog post about it also today right here.

Speaking of tornadoes, check out this Vimeo clip of an Australian Outback Fire Tornado.

Notice how the tornado is clockwise, or anti-cyclonic?   Remember, the Coriolis force is backwards in the Southern Hemisphere so that is normal there.  Here in the U.S., a backwards tornado (spinning clockwise) is about 1 in 100.  In the chaser community, this is called an “Anti-cyclonic” tornado and in all my confirmed tornado intercepts, I have only seen one.

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