Hot Gobble Weather

November 19th, 2012 at 11:26 am by under Weather

Fort Wayne Thanksgiving past part 2

To further Lee Ann’s post from last night I wanted to high light a few more Thanksgiving extremes. Here is an up to date listing of the past 31 years. (A big thanks go out to the National Weather Service Office in North Webster for the data).

22-November 2011 48

25-Nov-2010 48

26-Nov-2009 43

27-Nov-2008 46

22-Nov-2007 42

23-Nov-2006 50

24-Nov-2005 39

25-Nov-2004 37

27-Nov-2003 47

28-Nov-2002 31

22-Nov-2001 56

23-Nov-2000 34

25-Nov-1999 45

26-Nov-1998 54

27-Nov-1997 48


23-Nov-1995 39

25-Nov-1994 50

25-Nov-1993 41

26-Nov-1992 43

28-Nov-1991 51

22-Nov-1990 58

23-Nov-1989 29

24-Nov-1988 55

26-Nov-1987 38

27-Nov-1986 41

28-Nov-1985 33

22-Nov-1984 40

24-Nov-1983 39

25-Nov-1982 33

26-Nov-1981 58

27-Nov-1980 36

22-Nov-1979 57

23-Nov-1978 49

24-Nov-1977 39

25-Nov-1976 59

27-Nov-1975 35

To find the warmest temperatures for Thanksgiving we need to go back to 1973 when it was 63 degrees.

The record for November 22nd is 70

Forecast for Thanksgiving would be the warmest since 1973

East Coast not so lucky

East Coast storm brewing on Futurecast

The east coast will see a major storm which is moving through the Carolina’s over the next 48 hours. The track could still take this storm up the Atlantic Sea Board and it may be a wet and windy Thanksgiving for much of the area from New York to Boston over the holiday.

2 Responses to “Hot Gobble Weather”

  1. Jim and Carolyn Hormann says:

    Greg, We remember Thanksgiving 1973 it was our first Thanksgiving. And then before Christmas that year, we had about 20 inches of snow. Hopefully that doesn’t happen this year.