Temperature Reality Check Brings Snow

November 22nd, 2012 at 10:18 pm by under Weather

After a day like today, how could we have snow within 24 hours you ask?  A powerful cold front is the answer and it’s making a b-line for our area right now and you will feel it by Friday afternoon.   When you combine the cold air that is rushing in with the clouds, we will never really see the mercury rebound into the afternoon.  Look for temperatures to go from the lower 40s at daybreak to near freezing at sunset.  Even though the official high temperature may be at 1AM Friday at about 50°, the highest afternoon temperature will be only 38°.

So, what about the snow?   Yes, I said it, snow!   Well, first we will see a wave of rain before 3am, then a lull in the action at daybreak Friday.   Once that cold air comes across the warmer waters of Lake Michigan, Lake Effect snow showers will fire up into the late afternoon, then evening and even into Saturday.

Don’t look for much in the way of accumulation snow, expect only trace amounts.   But, if you are interested in more than that, keep your eye on Monday night into Tuesday.  That’s our next significant weather system and even though it is not a pure snow event for us, we could see 1-2″ of snow in the WANE viewing area.  Now, I would not hold me to that value, as it is still early, but I feel it is a good start.   I will have higher confidence with the NAM forecast model and our Futurecast model start to pick it up, but those two models only go out 84 hours.  If you are interested, click this link here.   This is a snow total map generated by WeatherCaster.com, showing the total snow for the GFS Model.  This will update twice a day, so feel free to watch how this map changes over the next 5 days.

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