Huge December Warm Up Coming

November 28th, 2012 at 11:10 am by under Weather

Big Warm Up In Sight

A huge warm up is on tap for the area. It was the other way around last week as we had Thanksgiving temperatures in the 60′s falling into the 30′s by Friday afternoon. This time the temperatures are going the other way with a giant temperature swing between Wednesday and Sunday. In fact, these kind of swings don’t normally happen this time of year. We will see a 34 degree increase by Sunday afternoon. The good news is that this warm up will last a while. Warm high temperatures are on tap through Tuesday of next week.

You can see where the disparity in temperatures are coming from with the colder jet stream north and the mild air south

The warm up is clearly visible with the upper air pattern which be set up by this weekend. A strong southwest flow will be allowed to bring mild air into the region because higher pressure from the south is pushing the jet stream north.

To the north on the map you can see the cold air bottled in across northern and southern Canada, all the way up to the Arctic Circle. The danger here is that this air could be dislodged soon which would make for bitter cold temperatures sometime in December.

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