Old Man Winter Returns, Just Not for Us

December 7th, 2012 at 8:50 pm by under Weather

Winter Storm Warning for Weekend Snow

As we deal with temperatures in the 40s, fog, mist and drizzle, Old Man Winter is going to lay down some snow this weekend across parts of Minnesota.   The area highlighted in pink in the map above is under a Winter Storm Warning with some locations picking up 5-8″ of snow.

What does this mean for us?   Well, even though we won’t see much snow over the next week, this fresh snow cover over Minnesota may help us make snow in the upcoming weeks.   That area of fresh snow will help keep the intrusions of cold air cold.  That has been the missing component over the last few weeks.  The jetstream has been very active but every time the precipitation has come in, we have lacked the cold air to make snow.

Now, there is a chance of snow on Monday, but not much.  The snow we may see on Monday is all connected to the “Lake Effect Snow Machine.”   As the cold air comes blasting across the warmer waters of Lake Michigan on Monday, we will see those fingers or bands of snow reaching down into our area.  Now, at this time, we are not expecting significant snow accumulations in the WANE viewing area.  Check out this forecast map from wxcaster.com:

GFS 120 Hour Total Snow Forecast from wxcaster.com

Notice that this one forecast model, the GFS, is only painting a trace of snow across the WANE viewing area.   If you look closer to parts of central Michigan, they may see several inches of snow from Sunday into Monday.

So, when are we going to get ours you ask?  That is the million dollar question folks and even though it may not feel like snow right now, trust me, snow is coming.  Right now, the long range, ensemble weather forecasts are indicating that the storm track for the end of the month will set right up over the Great Lakes with enough cold air for several rounds of snow.

Short range forecasting is hard enough, but if I was a betting man, I would expect a White Christmas here in the Fort.

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