Your smart phone as a weather sensor

December 9th, 2012 at 1:46 pm by under Weather

PressureNet2 is a smart phone app that displays pressure data gathered from people’s phones. Image posted on the Cliff Mass Weather Blog.

Here’s an interesting post from another blog about how your smart phone can help gather weather data.

According to the post, many cell phones already contain pressure sensing equipment to help determine current elevation data, which is used by different apps.  So, it goes to figure, with so many people carrying smart phones, if meteorologists could use this pressure data from cell phones, we could get a detailed microscale (or small scale) view of pressure differences within a given area that is not available by any other current method.

The image I’ve posted here is of some of the pressure data collected through the PressureNet2 app before and during Hurricane Sandy’s arrival.  Read the full blog post from the Cliff Mass Weather Blog here.

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