Gopher State Digging out of Winter Blast

December 10th, 2012 at 8:43 pm by under Weather

14″ of fresh snow in Stillwater Minnesota

I have to admit something to you, I am jealous.  I am jealous of the snow blitz that Minnesota and Wisconsin just had yesterday.  Check out the picture above!   This if my sisters deck in Stillwater, Minnesota.  This is what I remember of a good Minnesota winter, something they have not had in several years.

48 hour snow reports from the National Weather Service, Twin Cities

I find that snow reports are some of the hardest reports to hunt down on the internet, but the National Weather Service out to the Twin Cities has this great, interactive snow report map.  Click here to view it.  Yes, if you look closely, you can find several  plus 12″ reports.

Besides seeing the snow accumulate through snow reports and pictures, we can actually see the snow pack from outer space.  Check out this visible satellite image from earlier today across parts of Minnesota:

Visible satellite image on Monday, 12-10-12, courtesy

Can you see where the snow is?   Look closely across parts of south-central Minnesota.  Can you see that dark “V”?  That is the Minnesota River and where the map is dark, you can see where the river is still open and the snow has not accumulated.

If you look closer, can can even see that the lakes of northern Minnesota have now frozen over and there is a layer of fresh snow that has accumulated on the ice:

Snow features on visible weather satellite, courtesy

Where the map is dark, there is no snow.  Where the map is white, you are looking at fresh snow cover.   Now, this only works if there a clear sky so the satellite can see all the way down to the surface.

So, do I still think we are going to have a White Christmas?   That is a good question and here is my answer:  Do not look for any accumulating snow between now and this weekend, but keep you eye on Monday the 17th through Wednesday the 19th.   During that time, I expect a combination of cold air and precipitation to shake hands long enough to get some of the white stuff to accumulate.


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