Tracking our first possible Winter Blast

December 15th, 2012 at 6:30 pm by under Weather

While we could see some flurries Monday night, little will accumulate due to the warm ground and the mild temperatures during the day Tuesday.  What we are really tracking closely is the system that will move in Thursday.  Not only will this system bring a bunch of moisture, it looks to also bring in some very cold air.  Here is what the forecast models look like for Thursday into Friday.

Thursday Morning – Images From Wunder Map

Thursday morning this is what the models look like.  Precipitation on the left, temperatures in the mid atmosphere on the right.  At this time temperatures are rather warm so the precipitation will be all rain.  But look how quickly it gets cold, this next image is 12 hours later.

Thursday Night – Images From Wunder Map

Look how much cooler it is by Thursday night.  This is when we’ll start seeing the rain change to snow.  Then looks  how cold is is by Friday morning!

Friday Morning – Images From Wunder Map

We’ll be very cold Friday with snow still in the area.  Since this is so far out it could change, so we’ll be watching this very closely.

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