Winter Storm…Really?

December 17th, 2012 at 11:18 am by under Weather

Storm Track For Thursday/Friday Winter Storm

It’s difficult to even imagine that a winter storm could have any impact on our area in the near future. Low and behold, that’s the talk right now in the weather world. But how will it affect our area in northern Indiana and northwest Ohio? Well it’s all in the movement of the low pressure which is what we have drawn in above. The going consensus track of our medium range forecast models has the main storm path moving from southern Oklahoma through southern Missouri and central Illinois, then finally toward northern Indiana. The ‘rule of thumb’ here is that the heaviest snowfall is to the left of the low. So, that would put the heaviest snowfall across western and northwest Illinois southern Wisconsin, northwestern Indiana and southern lower Michigan.

Early snowfall estimates for current storm tracks

I don’t normally put snowfall estimates across an area so far in advance but this is a huge travel time and so if this storm track were to stay the same here’s how the snowfall would most likely fall.

There’s lots of time for this forecast to change and if the track shifts a few hundred miles west than we too could be looking for a white Christmas in our area.

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