Winter Storm Update

December 20th, 2012 at 11:44 am by under Weather

Our forecast models have been consistent in putting the heaviest snowfall north of our area. However, because of the proximity to low pressure we will experience what is termed a ‘tight gradient’ across the area. In layman’s terms gusty winds when lines of equal pressure or ‘isobars’ are very close to each other on a weather map. As a general rule on a map the heaviest snowfall is about 150 to 200 miles north of the main low and that’s exactly how things are setting up with the heaviest snowfall across southern Wisconsin and portions of western and northern Michigan.

Storm track puts the ‘brunt’ of the storm to our north

The other mitigating factor will be ‘lake effect’ snowfall. The gusty winds will begin Thursday night and Friday Winds will gust up to 60 mph through Indiana and Michigan.

Where the snow will fall

Here is the latest coverage map. Also below is what I’ve been blogging about over the last couple of days. It’s called a ‘trowel’ and it actually warms the atmosphere during a time when snow is occurring. The latest models have confirmed this feature and it should limit most of our area to about 1 to 2 inches. Lake effect snowfall closer to Lake Michigan may bring those totals up around Noble and LaGrange counties.

This is a ‘trowel’

Here is what a trowel looks like on the weather map. Actually turning into rain for a brief period of time

This is what a ‘trowel’ looks like on a weather map

Here are the winter weather warnings and advisories across the area for the storm

Here are the warnings and advisories issued across the region for the upcoming storm. The red area across Wisconsin is a blizzard warning. This area includes the city of Madison. The pink areas are winter storm warnings issued for heavy snowfall and gusty winds. There is a winter storm warning issued for areas around Lake Michigan in Indiana. The beige area is for winter weather advisories. These areas don’t meet the criteria for a winter storm warning, which for our area is 6 inches or more of snowfall.


8 Responses to “Winter Storm Update”

  1. Kari says:

    So will there be blowing and drifting snow as the advisory says? should we be concerned about heavy winds and power outages?

    1. Greg Shoup says:

      Yes we will see some blowing and drifting of limited snowfall. However, the winds will be so strong it will cause the snow we do have to blow around for limited visibilities at times. I’m afraid I can’t answer the power grid question but I can tell you to expect wind gusts of up to 50 mph here in Fort Wayne and near 60 mph closer to the Michigan border.

  2. Kari says:

    Thanks Greg!

  3. scott says:

    Greg, do you think the snow will be out of here by the late Friday afternoon? Going to Kentucky to visit family, wanting good travel weather… I hope.

    1. Greg Shoup says:

      You should be okay as the weather will improve south today. The system is through and we are just seeing lake effect snow for the rest of the day. Safe travels!

  4. Alien Gonzalez says:

    End of the World DUUUUUUDES!

  5. Liz says:

    What about ice? With all the changes are we going to get ice in the middle of the rain and the snow? Do you think we could have any potential for ice that will accumulate and stay on the trees and roads under the snowfall?

    1. Greg Shoup says:

      Doesn’t look like ice will be a major factor as the plows are treating most major roads today.