Tracking a bigger Winter Blast for Wednesday

December 22nd, 2012 at 11:48 pm by under Weather

The models have been hinting at a major system for the day after Christmas since December 20th.  That is about a week out!  That is also very similar to the storm on the 20th, we tracked it for about a week.  The difference in these 2 storms…where they come from.  The major winter blast that hit Wisconsin came from the west.  The system we are tracking for the 26th is coming from the south.  Here is what one long range model is showing for the peak of the storm in our area.

GFS 12 hour Snow Accumulation – Earl Barker Snow Page

This model is showing the max 12 hour accumulation during the storm.  The scale is a bit tough to read but the dark green is 5-6″ and the dark blue is 8-10″  Right now the models are trying to figure out the track of this storm.  However, we WILL see snow, the question is how much.  That we will know a bit better Monday.

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