How to accurately measure the snow Wednesday

December 25th, 2012 at 5:28 pm by under Weather

All of you out there can be weather watchers this Wednesday!  It’s really easy to measure snow depth accurately.  If you happen to measure the snow, or take any pictures, be sure to use our Report !t feature on and send in your stuff!

First you will need to put a snowboard out in your yard.  A cutting board, a thick piece of cardboard, a piece of plywood, anything that is sturdy and flat.  You will also need a way to find the board once it starts snowing.  Some people will attach the ruler to the board, but some kind of flag or stick that won’t blow away will work.  Here is a great example of a snowboard.

Snow Board Example

It is also best to take several measurements, so the more boards the better!

Next, be sure to put the boards in open areas.  Do not put them right next to the house or under a tree.  This will make for too high or too low measurements.  When you measure the snow, take several measurements on the same board and average them up.  Then clear PART of the board each time you measure.  This way you can get new snow measurements and total snow measurements.

If anyone decides to make one of these send me your pictures.  I’ll use them tonight at 11 on Nightcast!

Here is the latest snow estimates for the area.

Snow Total Estimates

The heaviest snow will be seen southeast of Fort Wayne.  Gusty winds will also be seen through the day which will make travel very dangerous.  Right now we have part of the area in a Winter Weather Advisory and part of the area in a Winter Storm Warning.  Stay tuned for any updates that could be issued tonight.


2 Responses to “How to accurately measure the snow Wednesday”

  1. DontHate DaPlaya says:

    How about I just stick my tape measure down to the sidewalk?

    1. Lee Ann Okuly says:

      That would work too, just as long as there aren’t any trees or buildings close by.