Wednesday’s storm snow total and more!

December 27th, 2012 at 4:17 pm by under Weather

Wednesday’s storm brought the first significant snow to the area.  Here is another look at snow totals here.

Final Storm Total Snow

Final Storm Total Snow

While we did see some significant snow from this storm, we were not the hardest hit areas.   Take a look at some of these maps from the National Weather Service in Indianapolis.

Indiana Snow Totals – NWS Indy

Some places in Indiana saw nearly a foot of snow!  Here is a look at the damage done across the Midwest.

Snow Depth Map – NWS Indy

In this image you can see that Ohio and Pennsylvania got even more than the Indy area!  Some roads across the state still have some issues.  HERE is a link to a handy site that shows road conditions across the state

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