Saturday’s snow potential increasing

December 28th, 2012 at 8:50 am by under Weather

As I mentioned on First News through the morning, the main concern with Saturday’s snowfall forecast across NE indiana and NW Ohio is that higher amounts of moisture – and, thus, heavier amounts of snow – would take a more northwesterly track bringing in higher amounts of snow accumulation than just the coating and dusting of snow that had been in the forecast.

And, this scenario is exactly what appears to be playing out.  With this post, I am now ready, after seeing this northwesterly trend show up on a couple of weather models today, to increase the forecast snow totals for Saturday – acknowledging the potential for this higher amount of moisture to move in from the south.

When I saw the higher amounts of moisture inch closer to us this morning, I had a sneaking feeling this increase would come to pass.  Often times, these weather systems trend in a more northwesterly track than how they may be initially displayed on the computer models as they develop.

In the images posted here, you can see how our in-house Futurecast model changed from model run to model run this morning.  The second run shows the updated forecast and, as you see, we are forecast to end up with a significant difference in snowfall between the northwestern and southeastern portions of the region.  All will be determined by just how far north those higher amounts of moisture are transported.  Amounts at a half-inch and under are still likely from Warsaw, Kendallville and Angola northwest.  Areas to the southeast of that line will pick up 1″-2″.  Most of this snow will fall from late night tonight through Saturday morning.  Some scattered snow will continue to linger Saturday afternoon.

There still may be more fluctuations in tomorrow’s snow forecast as the system tracks closer.  Keep checking back in here on and on NewsChannel 15 for the latest.

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  1. SnowBaby says:

    More snow! YAY!!! :-)