2012 In Review

January 1st, 2013 at 5:32 pm by under Weather

What a year!   From straight line winds up to 91 mph and an extreme drought, 2012 will be one to remember.  When it comes to temperatures, 2012 was the 2nd warmest year ever for Fort Wayne with the mean temperature at 53.8°, which was 3.3° above average.  The biggest record may have been on the 28th of June when we hit a record high of 106°, which is the highest daily temperature ever for Fort Wayne:

When it comes to rain, 2012 was the 13th driest year ever for Fort Wayne:

When you add it all up, we saw a total of 25.58″ of rain, which is 9.76″ below average.  No wonder why we had an extreme drought and cities emerged from area reservoirs.

So how will 2013 pan out?  Sorry folks, long range weather forecasting still has a long way to come before we start putting out forecasts like that.   But, here’s to more rain, less drought and less extreme heat!


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