New year, new stats – but, drought persists

January 1st, 2013 at 8:50 am by under Weather

With the turning of the calendar page from December to January, our weather stats for the year are reset.  So, while we closed out last year with a precipitation deficit of 9.76″, it will wind up pretty much “erased” from the record books now that 2013 is here.  Of course, however, the date change doesn’t really erase the dry conditions we experienced through the year.

With 2013 now underway, we’re starting it off with the drought continuing in a large portion of the area.  While conditions have certainly improved since the extreme drought of the summer, areas from central Allen County northward are currently experiencing a moderate drought.  Head south and conditions improve, with southern Allen County on southward not classified as being in a drought.

Some rounds of heavy snowfall over the winter would certainly help improve the drought conditions from now through the spring.  But, don’t forget, inches of snow do not equate to equal inches of water.  What I mean by this is that, on average, when you get an inch of snow in a given spot, that inch of snow only melts down to one-tenth of an inch of water…that’s why it will take a lot of snow to ease the continued dry conditions.

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