What to expect Saturday night and Sunday

January 12th, 2013 at 6:17 pm by under Weather

A powerful system is headed our way.  This will bring 2 rounds of precipitation to the area.  The first round will be all rain.  Here is what it looks like on Futurecast.

Futurecast – 10 pm Saturday

Heavy rain and a few storms will move through overnight.  Up to 2″ of rain could fall across the area.  Some places could even see some flooding, so if you are out and see flooding just avoid the area.  The heaviest of the rain should move out by early Sunday morning.

Futurecast – 3 am Sunday

By late morning the first round of rain will move out and we’ll be rather quiet.

Futurecast – 11 am Sunday

In the afternoon the second round of precipitation will move into the area.  The eastern part of the area will see rain, the western portion of the area will see a mix of sleet and snow.

Futurecast – 4 pm Sunday

This map gives you a better idea of the complexity of this system.  It is the watch/warning map.  The purple counties will be dealing with colder air, which will bring that area snow and mixed precipitation.  The areas in green will be dealing with very heavy rain.

Watches/Warnings – Purple = Winter Weather Advisory Greens = Flood

As the cold air continues to overtake the area, the snow line will move farther and farther east.  At some point in the afternoon the whole area will see some snow or sleet.  This will make for some very slick roads.  If you have to be out and around the area Sunday evening, please be careful.

Futurecast – 8 pm Sunday

Overnight this system will quickly push out, and by Monday morning we’ll be back to normal.  Sunny skies return and temperatures stay fairly close to average.

Futurecast – Midnight Sunday night


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  1. Sharon says:

    Thank you Lee Ann… I missed the news and weather and was happy to see you post it so we know what is coming……….thanks again.