New rain record and freezing rain

January 13th, 2013 at 5:47 pm by under Weather

A new record was set for Fort Wayne.  The old record for daily rain total was 0.97″ of rain.  As of 4pm we have broken that record.  At 4pm the total for the day was 0.99″ and it was still raining.  Here is a look at some of the rain totals just from the rain last night.

Rain Reports – As of 11 am Sunday

Flooding was reported in Portland and in Hartford City Saturday night, but that was all flash flooding and most of it has gone down.  The second round of rain moved in early Sunday afternoon, but as cold air continues to mix in, the rain has started to change to some freezing rain on the western edge of the area.  As we head later and later into the night, temperatures will continue to fall.  This means that most of the area will see at least a short period of sleet and freezing rain before it changes to light snow.  The main concern with this system is all the water on the ground.  Once temperatures fall below freezing, that water will turn to ice.

The biggest areas to watch out for will be bridges and overpasses.  The farther west of Fort Wayne you live, the higher the probability of seeing accumulating ice or sleet.  Roads will become slick very quickly so please use caution if you must be on the roads tonight.

UPDATE:  I just got word from Van Wert, and the back and side roads have some flooding still.  Remember the saying “turn around, don’t drown”  If you see flooding take a different route.

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