Calling All Weather Watcher!

January 16th, 2013 at 8:51 pm by under Weather

Screen shot of the PING Project smart phone app

Have you heard of the PING Project?  It is the Precipitation Identification Near the Ground project sponsored by the National Severe Storms Lab in Norman Oklahoma.  Anyone can contribute, whether you are in Michigan, Ohio or Indiana.  All you need is smart phone or a web browser in order to submit a precipitation report.  (and of course some rain, sleet or snow!)

So, why report the type of precipitation to the National Weather Service, doesn’t the network of weather radars know what kind of precipitation is falling?  Radars do a good job locating precipitation and the intensity, but sometimes, the radar can not see the precipitation that is falling close to the ground.

Your reports help the forecasters at the NWS know what is truely happening at the ground, helping them make better forecasts.   Better forecasts?  Who doesn’t want that?

Click here to see the recent PING reports.

Click here for information about the mPing app.

Click here to report winter precipitation from your desktop.

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