StormReady program hits milestone

January 18th, 2013 at 3:50 pm by under Weather

The NOAA NWS program “StormReady” was developed 14 years ago. Its purpose is to bring together communities to help them be more prepared for severe weather by improving communication and coordination. Now this voluntary program hits a milestone.

On January 11th the National Weather Service recognized Naval Air Station Corpus Christi, Texas as the 2,000th Storm ready community. The first community was where the StormReady program was born, in Tulsa, OK. The local NWS office developed the program and opened lines of communication to make sure everyone was prepared and informed during times of severe weather.

Today there are well over 2,000 communities that are StormReady. The NWS also recognizes more than just communities. Counties, military installations, government facilities, parks, and universities are all recognized. Even some businesses are StormReady. Some large corporate campuses and even amusement parks like Cedar Point are in the program.

An interactive map of all StormReady locations can be found HERE.


StormReady Interactive Map – NOAA NWS StormReady

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