Coldest Air Is Here

January 21st, 2013 at 11:45 am by under Weather

The Core Of Coldest Air Across The Area

Lots to write about as the cold air we’ve been advertising has finally arrived. The complications that go with it are here as well. As you can see by the graphic above we are in the core of the coldest air across the continental U.S. right now. This arctic air has modified somewhat as it made its trek from Siberia. A couple of things to note with this cold air:

1. Because of the drastic changes in pressure (from low to very high pressure), we are experiencing gusty winds. These winds are a result of heavy cold air and the higher pressure which is created because of it. This cold air will sink into our region the next few days.

2. By Thursday a weather system will actually scour out the coldest air and replace it with a more moderate area of cold air.

Storm Track for Thursday Weather System

Right now this Thursday weather system looks like it will produce the heavier snowfall to the south of Fort Wayne. The best part of this weather system for us is that it gets rid of the bitter cold air. Even though temperatures will be cold through the end of the week and early weekend we will not see the bitterly cold air which will dominate our region through Wednesday.


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