Did you see the “Fall Streaks”

January 22nd, 2013 at 8:52 pm by under Weather

Fall streak near Payne Ohio, courtesy Charles Howe Jr

With arrival of the arctic area, we saw lake effect snow showers and scattered snow showers over the last few days.  But, did you see the “fall streaks?”   The picture above was shot by WANE viewer Charles Howe Jr, near the Payne Ohio Wind Farm.  What he captured was what we call in the weather world, a “fall streak.”

As the snow is falling from the base of the cloud, the snow is falling through the cold, but very dry arctic air.  This causes the snow to change phase from a ice crystal to a gas, almost like evaporating.  Due to the movement of the snow shower, the snow shaft has that brush like shape.   In the summer with rain, this same phomena would be called virga.

Here is the break down of the fall streak:

The fall streak, or snow shaft is highlighted here.

For a another detailed description of the fall streak, click here.

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