Wind Chill !

January 22nd, 2013 at 11:42 am by under Weather

Old Wind Chill Chart (NOAA)

New Wind Chill Chart (NOAA)

If you are old enough you probably remember the old wind chills which sounded tremendously cold. The old method and mathematical equation for wind chill was established just after the first world war.  Two scientists tested how fast water would freeze in a container and then tried to adapt that to humans. The problem was that humans were selectable to any kind of wind movement, even moving around outside could be considered creating a wind.

In 2001Charles Eagan realized this and created a warmer sounding solution that equated body movement at about the same speed that a cup moved on an anemometer (4,7 mph).

What you need to remember are the frostbite times on the newer Wind Chill chart. It’s important to cover exposed skin so frost bite does not occur.

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