Average Winter Compared to this Winter

January 23rd, 2013 at 5:02 pm by under Weather

Average Monthly Snow for Fort Wayne

Winter, where are you?   Now, I know I might get some flack about asking that question, but folks, here in Fort Wayne, we average about 33″ inches of snow each winter.   Above is a plot of average monthly snowfall.  Notice that on average, January is our snowiest month.

Now, compare this to this winter:

Monthly Total Snow so Far this Winter

We have only had 9.8″ of snow so far this winter, compared to 17.7″ average to date.  Meaning, we are about 8 inches behind in snowfall this season.  Granted we still have a few more months here to see snowfall, but I don’t see any major snowfalls in the next 7 -10 days.

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