Freezing Rain update

January 27th, 2013 at 7:19 pm by under Weather

Since golf ran long and there wasn’t a 6 pm show tonight, here is an update on the weather conditions across the area.

A Freezing Rain Advisory is in effect through later this evening.

Freezing Rain Advisory

These will slowly be canceled as the freezing rain changes to rain and the ice begins to melt.  Here is a look at the time table for the changeover to rain in Fort Wayne.  North of Fort Wayne the change from freezing rain to rain will occur a bit later, and south of Fort Wayne a bit earlier.

Freezing Rain Changes to Rain

With freezing rain being reported in several areas, travel will be very dangerous through the evening.  There is some good news with this though.  This isn’t a typical ice storm that we see here in Indiana.  Normally, we’ll start off a bit warmer, temperatures will fall very slowly as rain changes to ice, then we get really cold and the ice sticks around.  In this case we are seeing the opposite.  We were seeing some colder temperatures.  Now, as the rain system moves in, temperatures are actually going up!  We were in the 20′s this afternoon and we’ll be near 40 by morning.  THAT is the good news.  While areas of freezing rain will be seen through the evening, temperatures will continue to rise and the ice will change to rain.  This will also cause any areas of ice that accumulated to melt.  By morning, most of the ice will be gone and we can expect rain for the next couple of days.

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