Heavy rainfall and warm temps next 36 hours

January 28th, 2013 at 7:20 am by under Weather

Near Record Setting

Near record highs on Tuesday afternoon

It is going to be a strange 36 hours as temperatures will rise into the lower 60s Tuesday afternoon before plummeting back into the 20′s by¬† Wednesday Afternoon. The record for Tuesday is 62 set back in 1914. Our forecast high is 61! This pattern will not last long and it is not going to be a very nice forecast for Wednesday as temperatures drop through the day back into the 20′s by late afternoon.

Rainfall totals from Futurecast through Wednesday evening

We may also see some very heavy rainfall through Wednesday night as a strong arctic front moves in pushing temperatures way down by afternoon and also causing some thunderstorms. Right now Futurecast has the heaviest rainfall just to the west of Fort Wayne. But, we could still see over an inch, especially in the counties west of Fort Wayne.

Quantitative Precipitation Forecast (NOAA)

This graphic from the National Weather Service shows that heavy rainfall is possible through the entire region and stretches all the way down to the southern states by Wednesday afternoon before a front moves in and freezes thing up again.

Rainfall up to 2 inches is likely across many areas to our west through Wednesday morning.

Heavy rainfall and storms showing up on Futurecast for early Wednesday morning

The other problem may be flooding with the rivers already at very high levels we may once again see river levels rise. This may cause more problems in flood prone areas.


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