February Starts Off Warmer

January 30th, 2013 at 11:41 am by under Weather

8 to 14 day outlook for the beginning of February (NOAA)

February will begin with much warmer air than usual according to the 8 to 14 outlook from the Climate Prediction Center. Temperatures will be slightly to well above average. So a nice warmer start to the month.Temperatures are beginning to trend .

North Atlantic Oscillation (Courtesy Rutgers.edu) and http://raleighwx.americanwx.com/)

Another indicator of how cold or warm it will get is the North Atlantic Oscillation. A Positive osculation will bring warmer temperatures, while a negative osculation will have colder air across the U.S. You can see by the 7th of February the trend begins to turn and colder air will move in as we have a negative osculation. There have been 4 times the number of record highs reported this year compared to record lows. So far this year 1,513 record highs have been reported as opposed to 321 lows.


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