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January 30th, 2013 at 12:11 am by under Weather


12:10 AM Here’s the deal folks:  I am still here at work, watching the storms to the west.  It’s quiet now, but I thought I would try live weather blogging.

12:11AM:  SPC on fence on weather to issue a watch or not:

12:14AM:  Here are the storms to the west:


12:19AM:  Tornado Warning east of Mount Carmel:

12:24AM:  Looks like tornado watch in S. IN is being extended to the north.  Not in the WANE area yet:

Tornado Watch in Yellow

12:28AM  Frustrated I can’t get all the pictures lined up straight.

12:33AM:  Waiting for warning to be issued soon for line of storms to our west.

12:37AM:  Getting closer:

12:44AM:  T-Storm warning issued for Indy until 1:30AM:

12:54AM:  Severe t-storm warning right up to Grant County:

1:01AM:  Getting ready to cut in for storm over Peru.

1:13AM: Based on storm motion, to the East at 30 mph, line of storms will hit western Allen County in about an hour:

1:34AM:  Winds have been gusting up to 45 mph for the last 30 minutes at Grissom AFB:

1:45AM:  No severe wind reports north of Muncie.  I am starting to think NWS will not issue any warnings tonight.  This is good.

1:48AM:  Storm Prediction Center may issue new Tornado Watch to our east.  Click here to see.

1:57AM:  Look at this line of storms!  Tornado Watch = Yellow.  Severe T-Storm = Orange.  Tornado Warning = Red:

2:05AM:  Moderate and heavy rain with winds up to 50 mph about to move through Allen, Wells, Adams counties right now:

2:17AM:  Just set a new record high at FWA for Wednesday with 63°.  Yes, it is 2AM and 63°.  Old record was 55° in 1988.

2:30AM:  Severe T-Storm Warning issued for Blackford, Jay, Wells and Adams counties until 3AM for 60 mph winds:

2:30 AM:  Stay tuned to WANE TV for weather updates.  Focus now more on storms, not live blogging since I am the only one here.

2:41 AM:   Greg Shoup now in, so logging off work computer so he can get set up.  Hope you enjoyed the live weather blog.



29 Responses to “Live Weather Blog”

  1. Pam Walker says:

    What do the dots mean?

    1. Jonathan Conder says:

      What dots?

      1. Pam Walker says:

        On the weather map here in the blog. If I click on the first map, it shows quite a few dots at the leading edge of the storm.

        1. Jonathan Conder says:

          Those are lightning strikes in the last 5 minutes.

          1. Pam Walker says:

            Thank you!!

  2. nancy says:

    I like the live updates…not sure how feasible in your guys schedule but this would be great for overnight summer events

    1. Jonathan Conder says:

      This live blogging is a first for me, but I will have to shift my attention to WANE TV live coverage once the warnings hit the viewing area.

  3. nancy says:

    Do storms seem to be weakening or radar returns not picking up as much?

    1. Jonathan Conder says:

      Line is maintaining intensity. What radar are you looking at? Blog images or 15.3?

      1. nancy says:

        On my phone so might not be best images on my end… this work this works great

  4. nancy says:

    Its like our own personal weather person lol i like

  5. Sharon says:

    We have had some big wind gusts out here west of Ashley… My weather station has had one at 27mph… so far.. huge amounts of rain, thunder and lightning, then nothing.. Right now I can see the lightning to the southwest. Do you expect tornado watches for us?

    1. Jonathan Conder says:

      Not sure what the Storm Prediction Center is going to do. Maybe a Severe T-Storm Watch.

      1. Sharon says:

        Thanks Jonathan… .76″ of rain in the last 24 hours in my weather station rain gauge…

  6. Logan says:

    Will this line be worst we get and will it be it for storms besides the rain?

    1. Jonathan Conder says:

      Yes, the leading edge will the the strongest part of the storm, followed by a lot of rain.

  7. nancy says:

    Wind really picking up north of fort wayne

  8. nancy says:

    62 degrees at 1:30 am in january. Wow!

  9. Sharon says:

    61 degrees out here on the lake. waiting for it to hit 62 !!!!!

  10. nancy says:

    Will winds behind the line of storms still be high?

    1. Jonathan Conder says:

      Yes, winds will pick up… may gust up to 45 mph in the next few hours, but it will be very wind most of Wednesday. Gust’s up to 40 mph possible during Wednesday afternoon.

  11. Star says:

    Been watching all night between several wx apps. Crazy stuff. Looks like temps holding pretty well back into IL

    1. Jonathan Conder says:

      Yes, the cold front is way back out there.. Temps only really crash here in the Fort until the Late Afternoon Wednesday.

  12. jr weatherman says:

    Hey Jonathan its Brandon Radu. What have you heard about the rotation near Huntington?

    1. Jonathan Conder says:

      The radar is picking up a lot of low level shear, but they are very weak couplets. NWS hasn’t issued any warnings yet for the area, there just isn’t enough instability.

      1. jr weatherman says:

        OK yeah I saw the one near North Manchester / Huntington area and then it was gone but just wanted to check with you

  13. nancy says:

    Storm just hitting coldwater/cook rd. Area. Lots of wind

  14. nancy says:

    And lights have flickered twice

  15. nancy says:

    Thanks jonathan. Enjoyed the updates…goodnight