Will it be rain or snow?

February 6th, 2013 at 11:30 am by under Weather

Rain/Snow Line For Thursday

Futurecast depiction of Thursday Afternoon/Evening

There has been some speculation as to where the snow and rain will fly Thursday afternoon and evening. Our “in house” model Futurecast has the rain snow line just snow to the Indiana/Michigan border with rain falling south of this line. This weather system is a southern one and will over spread some warmth from the Gulf of Mexico on it’s way to the Great Lakes region. Because we already have moderate temperatures it looks as though temperatures will be above freezing and it will be a rain event for our area.

There is a very thin margin here between rain and snow, but it certainly seems be the model depictions that I’ve been studying the last few days that we will see an all rain event by Thursday afternoon and evening.

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