Two Interesting Storms

February 15th, 2013 at 11:29 am by under Weather

Over the next 7  days there are two interesting storm systems moving our way.

10 pm Monday GFS model (Weather Underground)

On this model depiction I notice the changeover to snow as we see the 540 line (solid line) moving south. This would indicate a few hours of snowfall and some quick wet snowfall through early Tuesday morning before temperatures fall through the end of Tuesday afternoon. This Tuesday weather system will be a close call, but I think we are more likely to get measurable snowfall here than on Thursday and here’s why:

7 pm Thursday February 22nd. Weather Underground

This is the second weather system in question. Earlier runs had this weather system creating a heavy snowfall across the region. However, the two latest runs of this model have the heavy snowfall north of Indiana and it turning into mostly a rain event. So while heavy snowfall is not in the cards right now the track and path of these low pressure systems can change.


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