Central Plains Winter Blast Connection

February 20th, 2013 at 9:36 pm by under Weather

Current Winter Storm Warnings

A major winter blast is about to move through the Central Plains on Thursday, but it will putter out by the time it gets to the Great Lakes.  This storm will impact all of the Central Plains.  Any of the counties highlighted in pink in the map above is under a winter storm warning and some areas may see snow amounts over 12 inches.

Futurecast snow forecast for Thursday and Friday

Above is the snowfall total forecast for the Central Plains and the Great Lakes.  Notice places like Kansas City and Topeka will see over 12″ of snow, but by the time the storm crosses over the Mississippi River Valley it will “occlude” or spin itself out.   Notice the snow amounts fall off as the storm moves into Indiana.

Snow total forecast for Friday morning

Even though this one model run is showing 1.5″ for Fort Wayne, I feel we could see anything from 1-3″ of wet snow across the WANE viewing area.   I don’t expect this snow to stick around very long as temperatures climb above freezing Friday afternoon with a mix a light freezing rain and rain showers.   If the rain doesn’t melt some of the snow away, more mild conditions over the weekend will.

2 Responses to “Central Plains Winter Blast Connection”

  1. Paul Gasparini says:

    Greg or John
    When you have total snow amounts why don’t includ rain = snow. You make it sound like still drought . Rain in January & February is comparable to other years when all we had was snow. I think rain needs adjustment if going to compare with previous years.

    1. Jonathan Conder says:

      Yes, you just cant look at snow, and you just cant look at rain. If you looked at just snow, we are way below average for the season. If you look at the total precipitation melted down to a liquid, we are above average. (Most our precipitation came as rain this winter.) When you look at the almanac, that value is the liquid value, which includes the snow melted down.