Are you ready for some snow, then ice?

February 21st, 2013 at 6:23 pm by under Weather

Even though we are only under a Winter Weather Advisory (area highlighted in tan in map above), don’t let that fool you.  A mix of snow and light ice will likely bring us difficult driving conditions for Friday morning.

Most of our snow will have accumulated by 7AM with 1-3″ across the WANE viewing area with higher amounts west and lower amounts east.   There is a chance that we could see more than 3″ in the in area highlighted in dark blue.

My biggest concern in the several hours of light freezing rain we will see from 5AM to 9AM Friday.   Ice amounts do not look heavy, but .1″ of ice on top of snow, with temperatures several degrees below freezing, could create very slick conditions for the Friday morning drive.  Expect higher ice amounts south of Fort Wayne.

Again, the biggest impact to you will by your ice driveway and slick roads.  I don’t expect power outages, unless we see a lot more ice than what we are forecasting.

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