Weather and the military

February 23rd, 2013 at 11:56 am by under Weather

Senior Airman Michael Richardson takes weather readings with a TMQ-53 tactical weather sensor during training at Fort Irwin, Calif. Richardson is a battlefield weather forecaster assigned to the 3rd Weather Squadron at Fort Riley, Kan. (U.S. Air Force photo/Val Gempis)

When I talk to students about careers in meteorology, I often remind them that being a meteorologist is not just limited to being a meteorologist on TV.  In fact, TV, or media meteorology (as, perhaps, is a better term given all the media platforms today), is only a small slice of the meteorology pie.  There are careers with the National Weather Service, airports, national delivery carriers (to help guarantee the packages get to their destinations on time) and in the business world (Where should we build our distribution centers?) among others.

The one I want to focus your attention on in this post on is being a forecaster in the military.  It’s a job where one’s decisions and forecasts truly affect the safety of military members and, potentially, the success of the military operation itself.  Click here for an article and video from the U.S. Air Force about battlefield weather forecasters and how they do their jobs.  You’ll find it an interesting read. 

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