Could be a messy Winter Storm

February 25th, 2013 at 12:10 pm by under Weather

HPC Ensemble Storm Track (NOAA)

A very powerful storm which is bringing blizzard like conditions to the Plains is repeating history with heavy snowfall through tonight. The big question still looms for our forecast what are we going to see? Well, the answer is pretty complicated as we may see a mixture of several different kinds of precipitation. First and foremost ice. It will be a close call but most of the area will see rain and freezing rain mixed with sleet through late morning and afternoon. The change over to snow most likely won’t occur until late afternoon and early evening, probably after 7 pm.

The concern across the area is that the cold temperatures will create a narrow layer of freezing temperatures at the surface which may make roads, especially untreated ones very slick. Areas closer to the Michigan border which would include Angola, Kendallville and Auburn.

Here is the possible scenario for snow and ice across the area

Here is the scenario for an ice storm across the area. It’s going to be a close call as ice may form by afternoon across much of the area and then change to snow after 8pm.

Rain and snowfall accumulation

Most of the snow for our region will be north of Fort Wayne. Although, when the rain and freezing rain changes to snow around Fort Wayne and just north we could see some snowfall through the evening and continuing through Wednesday. The heaviest snowfall with this system will be across northwestern Indiana.


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