New Resources For Storm Prediction

April 4th, 2013 at 11:41 am by under Weather

Tornado probables based on 30-year averages (Storm Prediction Center)

One of the things that I explain to people when we are talking about weather and my job as a meteorologist is that there are two distinct aspects which I deal with on a daily basis. The first and probably what most people think of as our primary function is daily forecasting. That is the daily weather presentation you see each day on television or one of the other platforms which you receive information from WANE.

The other part of my job is what we sometimes coin as “nowcasting’. That is what is going on right now. This may also include severe weather analysis. This is much different that our daily forecasting product. Although there is some forecasting involved with severe weather prediction many of the elements we deal with come together very quickly. We also use different indices and mathematical ‘models’ to show what may happen on a given day. One of the most important tools of course is Doppler radar and we can get into that in a later post.  Aside from the radar another very valuable resource is the Storm Prediciton Center. This is a branch of the National Weather Service whose sole purpose is to analyze and forecast severe weather. I wanted to show you the new updates which make this site much more friendly, not only for the meteorologist but also for the casual user. There are also graphics like the one above that give the user an idea where high probability risk areas have been over time.

This is an example of the daily risk assessment for severe storms (SPC, NOAA)

More importantly, you will find graphics that give you an update on what will happen today and over the next three days across the U.S.

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