Northern Lights May Be Visible Thursday Morning, Thursday Night

January 8th, 2014 at 9:44 pm by under Weather

Word has it that some strong solar flares occurred on the sun late yesterday and energy from those is headed toward Earth.  Once that energy arrives and interacts with our planet’s magnetic field, the beautiful light show known as the aurora borealis, or Northern Lights, may be visible for us here in Indiana and Ohio.

Our federal space weather forecasters expect the solar energy to reach Earth by Thursday morning.  Your best chances to see if you can spot the northern lights in the sky will come early Thursday morning and, then again, Thursday night into Friday morning.

Looking at our forecast, the best opportunity will likely come Thursday morning when breaks in the clouds are more likely.   By Thursday night/Friday morning, we’re likely to have a cloudy sky with some snow showers scattering through.

Take a look at the picture below…it’s a WANE File Photo from a past Indiana northern lights display and an example of what the view could be like outside, if you’re able to see it:

WANE File Photo

WANE File Photo

One Response to “Northern Lights May Be Visible Thursday Morning, Thursday Night”

  1. Michelle Beard says:

    Very excited to hear this! I will be watching and hope we get a little show! I just wish I had a good camera to take pics…hope my cell phone does it justice!!